Baskets and Private Pools

Please find attached the monthly summaries for Baskets and Private Pools.

Fixed Income Mandates Monthly summaries
Bond Basket
Private pool
Diversified Bond Basket Private Pool
Stripped Coupon Basket
Corporate Fixed
Income Securities
Basket Private Pool
Bond Ladder Basket
Non-Traditional Fixed Income
Private Pool
Corporate Bond
(closed to new investment since 2005-09)
Tactical Income Basket
Balanced Mandates Monthly summaries
Multiple Asset Class Basket Private Pool
Asset Allocation Basket
Tactical Basket  
Equity Mandates Monthly summaries
Dividend Basket Private Pool
Passport Basket
Growth and Income U.S. Basket Private Pool
Global Small Cap Private Pool
Equity Income Basket
Canada Focus Basket
Canadian Social Value Basket
Montrusco Bolton
Equity Income
Private Pool
Foyston Gordon
& Payne Canadian Equity
Guardian Capital Equity Income Basket
Jarislowsky Fraser Canadian Equity Basket  
U.S. Equity Basket  
Non-Traditional Capital Appreciation
Private Pool