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CRM 2: The Client Relationship Model - Phase 2

For several years, the Canadian securities industry and the bodies that regulate it have been collaborating closely together to improve and standardize the way certain information is communicated to clients. 

The result of this collaboration, the Client Relationship Model (CRM) is now in its second phase and amendments have been progressively rolled out since 2013.

Amendments being implemented as of November 2015

The following amendments have recently been made:

  • In accordance with CRM2 standards, the definition of “book cost” can be found in the Important Statement information section of your portfolio statement.
  • Three footnotes have been added to the Asset details section:
    • Footnote 1: This note indicates that the current market value for a particular security was not available at the time the statement was produced.  In the future, should the market value become available, it will be used, replacing the footnote.
    • Footnote 2: This note indicates that information on the book cost for a particular security is not available or incomplete and the current market value was used to estimate all or part of the book cost.  To update this security’s book cost with the proper information, please talk to your Investment Advisor.
    • Footnote 3: This note indicates that the security was purchased on a deferred sales charge basis. Depending on the number of years you hold the security, there may be an amount charged to you by the security's issuer when you dispose of it.
If you see one of these footnotes in your Portfolio Statement and have any questions about it, contact your Investment Advisor for more information.