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Investment performance benchmarks

Comparing your portfolio's performance to that of an appropriate benchmark is a useful exercise for monitoring purposes. Benchmark comparisons can help you determine if your investment approach is delivering the desired results, or whether changes might be called for. Investment benchmarks are also helpful for developing realistic expectations about returns your portfolio can generate over the long term.

Investment benchmarks usually provide a broad measure of the return generated by specific asset classes over a given period. They are often referred to as reference indexes since the most common form of investment benchmark is an index - such as a stock or bond index. A benchmark must replicate the security or portfolio you are monitoring as closely as possible for the comparison to be meaningful. Examples of benchmarks would include the S&P/TSX for Canadian stocks, the DEX Universe for Canadian bonds and the S&P 500 for U.S. stocks. For a portfolio composed of securities from several different asset classes, the appropriate benchmark would be a blend of indexes weighted according to the portfolio's asset mix.

For more information about comparing your portfolio's return to a benchmark, please don't hesitate to contact your Investment Advisor.