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Mutual Funds

Purchasing Mutual Funds?

Since May 1, 2016, your Investment Advisor is required to provide you with a document called Fund Facts before you purchase a mutual fund. Your mutual fund purchase cannot be finalized until your Investment Advisor delivers the Fund Facts to you. Certain exceptions exist; your Investment Advisor can discuss these with you. These changes are not unique to National Bank Financial Wealth Management. They are being implemented industry-wide since the end of May 2016.

Why is this changing?

The delivery of the Fund Facts document prior to the transaction will ensure you have the time to review important information about a mutual fund that you wish to buy.

How will Fund Facts be provided to you?

Fund Facts will be delivered to you in-person, through email, regular mail or fax, depending on the method you and your Investment Advisor have chosen. You can contact him/her for more information on how Fund Facts will be delivered to you.

What is Fund Facts?

Fund Facts is an important document with key facts about the mutual fund you wish to purchase.  Every mutual fund has its own Fund Facts document, with information about the assets making up the fund, its performance, and the risks and costs of buying and owning the fund. You should always review Fund Facts when you purchase a mutual fund so that you understand the fund’s key features.

To learn more about this change, please contact your Investment Advisor.