Did you know that National Bank Financial has a unique mentoring program? If you're a student who's passionate about finance and has great interpersonal skills, learn about the role of investment advisor through our mentoring program for women.

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Working at National Bank Financial

The program at a glance

  • Learn all about this fascinating field over the course of a year.
  • You'll be matched with an experienced mentor (2 hours per month for 9 months)
  • You'll take part in networking and business development activities
  • You'll attend meetings with investment professionals

Women Investment Advisors' Symposium

Our mentoring program starts with the Women Investment Advisors' Symposium each fall.

On the agenda:

  • Exciting workshops and roundtables with experienced professionals
  • Inspiring speakers with advice on furthering your career
  • Networking and sports activities

It's also a unique opportunity to meet senior management at one of Canada's top employers.

How to register to the program?

Registration takes place during the winter session, and the symposium is held the following autumn.

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When registration opens for the next session in January, you'll receive an email inviting you to submit your application.

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"I met some inspiring people at the symposium and learned from the experiences they shared. Spending time with different generations of women teaches us a lot about how the industry has changed. My advice is: Go for it!"

–Lylia Benjelloun – HEC Montréal (2007)


Advice from an expert

      Angela D’Angelo
      Vice-President – Development and Client Experience
      National Bank Financial Wealth Management

Make the most of opportunities!

More and more women are using financial services and the industry is changing as a result.

A symposium for female investment advisors

This year, the 9th edition of the Women Investment Advisors' Symposium will bring together over 100 advisors from NBFWM. This two-day event will be an opportunity to network, share knowledge and develop sales skills. "This event focuses on entrepreneurial skills, which are essential for an investment advisor," says Angela D’Angelo, Vice-President – Development and Client Experience at National Bank Financial Wealth Management.

A first-hand look

Since 2015, the symposium has also given business students a chance to learn about the profession. "Currently, just 17% of financial advisors are women. The stats are similar within our organization," says D'Angelo. "At NBFWM, we want to build a new generation of female advisors by increasing the number of women we recruit. This means we need to get more women interested in the profession.

The selected students are invited to attend the symposium, all expenses paid," she explains. "I introduce them to participants and pair each of them with an investment advisor in their region, who becomes their mentor.

It's a mentoring program that focuses on practical skills." Participants will attend networking events, business lunches and meetings with clients as part of their monthly mentoring sessions.