Reaching Tomorrow's Women Investment Advisors

9th edition of the National Bank Financial (NBF) Wealth Management Women Investment Advisors' Symposium

Get a head start on your career and learn about the profession from inspiring, extraordinary women.

On the agenda: NBF Women’s Symposium

    • Exciting workshops and roundtables with experienced professionals
    • Inspiring speakers to help you develop your career
    • Networking and sports activities
    • An opportunity to introduce yourself to senior managers at one of Canada's top employers


    • Pairing with an experienced mentor
    • 2-hour meeting per month during 9 months with your mentor
    • Take part in networking and business development activities
    • Attend meetings with professionals in the investment industry


Join National Bank Financial – Wealth Management 

Women Investment Advisors' Symposium

Event date: Autumn 2018
Registration deadline: February 23


The opinion of an expert


Angela D’Angelo
Vice-President – Development and Client Experience
National Bank Financial Wealth Management

Women in Finance: How to Break Into the Industry

Financial Institutions have an increasingly female customer base and employment in the financial industry needs to follow suit.

A Symposium Dedicated to Women Investment Advisors

As soon as she was hired at National Bank Financial Wealth Management (NBFWM) in 2009, Angela D’Angelo wanted to gather together the women investment advisors in the company for an annual event. “At the start, the symposium only lasted half a day, but we immediately noticed that it responded to a need,” says Ms. D’Angelo, who is now the Vice-President of Development and Client Experience at the NBFWM.

Now in its 9th year, the Women Investment Advisors’ Symposium brings together more than 100 advisors from the NBFWM. The two-day event is a great place to share knowledge and develop sales skills in an environment that encourages networking. “The event is centred on developing entrepreneurial skills, which are at the heart of the work of investment advisors,” adds Ms. D’Angelo.


Mentorship Opportunities to Discover the Profession

Since 2015, this symposium has also been an opportunity to familiarize university students enrolled in business programs with the profession. “The industry currently counts 17% women investment advisors, and this proportion is reflected at our institution,” says Ms. D’Angelo. “At NBFWM, we want to build a new generation of women advisors by increasing the number of women hired. To do that, we have to attract more women to the profession. So, the first step is to better familiarize young women with what a financial advisor does.” 

With this in mind, in 2016, the Vice-President established a program for university students that starts with participation in the Women Symposium and continues with a mentorship experience. “The students selected are invited to the symposium, all expenses paid,” explains Ms. D’Angelo. “I introduce them to the participants and I pair each of them up with a woman investment advisor in their area, who becomes their mentor.”

Last year, 14 students participated in the mentorship program, which lasts 9 months. Lamiae Senhaji was one of them. “The two days at the Symposium were incredible,” says the new graduate of HEC Montreal. “I grew my network and I learned a lot about the profession. The mentorship meetings that I attend now are introducing me to the work of an investment advisor, what’s needed to succeed in the industry, and the challenges and advantages of the job.”

“It’s a practical mentorship program,” says Ms. D’Angelo. “Networking activities, dining with business partners, and observing client meetings are all part of the activities planned for these monthly mentorship sessions.”

Hear what former participants have to say

“During the symposium, I was able to meet really inspiring people and learn from their experiences. Actually, getting to know women of all ages allowed us to learn a lot about the shifting environment. A piece of advice: dare!””

-  Lylia Benjelloun – HEC Montreal (2017)

“The symposium allowed me to meet, exchange with and create new contacts with inspiring women who are successful in the world of finance. As well, for me, it was an enriching experience, as well as a unique chance to learn about the reality of investment advisors. Regardless of their various paths, they knew how to inspire me which lets me take my own path now.”

-  Élisabeth Chouinard, Laval University (2017)

“I learnt so much and met some amazing and inspiring women that this will definitely be one of the highlights of my academic careers. I enjoyed networking with a room full of women which is something so unique and unfortunately rare.”

-  Cherise Naidu, University of Ottawa (2016)

“The symposium provided me with an immeasurably insightful experience and I am walking away with more than I could have imagined. It is so great to see financial organizations placing an emphasis on females. This experience will undoubtedly be valuable for me as I move forward in my degree and career.”

- Alexandra Bruni-Bossio, Alberta School of Business (2016)