Your Investment Portfolio Statements and Reports

Tools to Track the Progress of Your Investments

Your portfolio statement and annual reports contain valuable information that provide you with a clear picture of your financial situation. This value-added information complements the expertise and support provided by your investment advisor. These user-friendly tools allow you to easily monitor your portfolio’s progress between the regular discussions you have with your advisor.

Greater transparency and accessibility

In order to provide you with more information about your investments and ensure greater transparency, 2 new annual reports are now issued with your December investment portfolio statement: Investment Performance Report and Annual Fees and Compensation Report.


Investment Portfolio Statement 

This statement, which is issued at least 4 times a year, outlines your portfolio’s value, shows the asset details and allocation, and lists any activities carried out in your accounts.

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ANnual Performance and Fees and Compensation Reports

These reports, which are issued on December 31, show the rate of return of your investments and summarize the amounts that we received directly and/or indirectly for providing advice and services over the previous 12-month period.