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Other useful information

Statement frequency
Your investment portfolio statement will be sent to you at the end of each quarter and at the end of any month in which there has been a transaction in one or more accounts.

Accounts designation
Details on each account appear in their own section and are clearly identified with a title including the currency, the account type and the account number. If you hold a fee-based account, the program name will appear next to the account number on the page displaying detailed information on the account.

Amounts in parentheses
Amounts that appear in parentheses represent negative values (e.g., ($136.27)). If you see parentheses around your account balance, you’ll need to cover this debit quickly in order to avoid interest charges or liquidating transactions in your account (except in margin accounts, which are allowed to carry a certain negative balance).

Interest and dividends details
You can find a summary of interest and dividends in the Cash Flow Summary. The detailed list appears in the Activity Details section.


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