Our approach

By choosing National Bank Financial – Wealth Management as a partner in your financial success, you can count on receiving expert, unbiased advice to help you make the right decisions.

Customized Approaches

Do you prefer to take part in the day-to-day management of your investments or leave it in the hands of experts? We have a solution for you!

You want solutions that will help you reach your goals, but it is also crucial that, before committing your money to a specific product that seems to suit your needs, you determine your preferred management approach. It’s a very important first step and one of the reasons why we place the advisor at the very heart of our relationship. With his help, you can select solutions that fit your investment style and the degree of involvement you seek in the process. In other words, you first need to decide if you wish to participate directly in the day-to-day investment process or let experts manage your assets for you, in part or in full.

Complete transparency

No matter your profile or preferred approach, your advisor will begin by presenting the costs associated with the strategy you wish to implement. These fees can be based on trading commissions, the spread cost of a transaction or a fixed rate that is determined by the value of your portfolio. Your advisor will explain these fees in detail in order to help you choose the strategy that is best suited to your situation.

If you manage your portfolio actively, our myWEALTH - Managed program may be of great value to you. They allow you to replace the transaction-based commissions with an annual management fee so that you can make investment decisions without being distracted by their individual costs and instead focus on the strategic value of your investments.

We invite you to contact your investment advisor to learn more about our fees and all the relevant details pertaining to each approach.

Delegate entirely

If you wish to delegate the management of your assets to a team of investment experts, it is important to choose turnkey investment solutions, such as balanced mutual funds, funds of funds or baskets, which are made up of different asset classes.

Your advisor will help you choose a solution that is in line with your objectives, your investment dollars and investor profile. Then, all you have to do is monitor your investments through time, knowing that professionals are managing your assets and that your advisor is overseeing your portfolio carefully. 

Note that if your advisor is also a registered portfolio manager, you may want him to manage your assets directly through the myWEALTH - Managed program, in part or in full, on a discretionary basis. It’s really all up to you!

Delegate partially

Many investors prefer to remain actively involved in the management of their personal assets, but lack the time or knowledge required to do so. By delegating part of the process to investment professionals, you benefit from valuable advice all the while participating in the investment process and retaining final control over the ultimate decisions.

Several solutions fit this approach: mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, specialized mandates and alternative investments are only a few examples. Your advisor can help you choose both the umbrella solution and the individual securities it contains, depending on your preference.

Participate actively

If you wish to be actively involved in the day-to-day management of your portfolio, you can:

  • Discuss your choice of securities with your advisor and participate in the rebalancing process and tactical asset allocation of your portfolio; or
  • Participate directly in the process by putting your own ideas forward.

Your financial advisor will guide you toward solutions that are best suited to your objectives and your hands-on approach.