Products and services

National Bank Financial offers a wide array of products and services to help you achieve your financial goals.

Mobile access

Our Mobile website offers fast and secure access to your investment portfolio on the go. You can now monitor your portfolio, view your asset details, and obtain quotes using your smart phone. 

A sum of valuable information at your fingertip! 

  • Account Summary: View relevant information about your investment portfolio.
  • Asset Details: Visualize a complete and current overview of your portfolio.
  • History: View the history of executed transactions in one or several accounts for a selected period.
  • Current Orders: Verify the status of your current transactions and instructions such as fund transfers..
  • Markets: Obtain stock quotes, view market summaries, read the latest news, and manage your watch lists.
  • Fund Transfers: Make contributions to an RRSP or TFSA, or transfer funds from your bank account to a brokerage account and vice-versa, or perform currency conversions.


All you need to do is enter in your smart phone’s web browser if it is equipped with Internet access. The login information is the same as the one you use to access our e-services.

If this is the first time you access our e-services, you will first need to sign up to receive a user name and a password. To do so, you can create your access immediately by clicking here or you contact your investment advisor for help. At any time, if you encounter problems accessing your account, you can contact our e-support team at 1 888 751-1220