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Group Retirement Plans

As an employer, it's in your best interest to offer your employees a group retirement plan that meets their needs. By offering such a privilege, you demonstrate your concern for your employees’ future. 

We offer you several types of group retirement plans:

Group RRSP

A retirement and savings plan must allow your employees to put money away regularly, without restrictions. This is what the group RRSP offers them.

This page explains how the Group RRSP works, and presents the tools we've developed to help your employees get the most out of their investments, whether they're planning for a comfortable retirement or simply bring a project to fruition.

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Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan (DPSP)

A DPSP is a retirement plan that allows an employer to distribute part of the company’s profits to some or all of its employees. Thanks to this very flexible plan (that is not permanent), employers can choose to deposit bonuses in the DPSP, for example.

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Simplified Pension Plan (SPP)

An SPP is a pension plan in which the employer, and most often the employee, contribution to an account in the participant’s name. An SPP is administered by a financial institution, such as National Bank Trust, which reduces the employer’s administrative burden.

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Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

An IPP is a registered pension plan normally established for a single participant and designated specifically for business owners or key employees. It offers particularly interesting tax benefits, and allows to plan retirement income. The IPP generally allows additional contributions to the contributions usually permitted under an RRSP.

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Voluntary retirement savings plan (VRSP)

VRSP is a new type of group retirement plans created by the Québec government to help residents of Québec save for retirement. It came into effect on July 1, 2014, and is accessible to self-employed workers, individual investors, business owners and associates.

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Are you an employer seeking to offer the VRSP to your employees?

To better understand your needs as an employer, please follow the chart below. Your answers will allow us to bring you personalized advice and support, tailored to your situation.

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National Bank Trust will work with you, from the implementation of the plan to your members’ disbursement, so that you don’t have to burden yourself with the daily administration of the plan in addition to your ongoing responsibilities. We’re here for you, and we’re committed to supporting your needs at every step of your journey.


Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plan (RPP DC)

A registered pension plan with defined contributions is a traditional savings plan. Contributions are pre-determined and correspond to a percentage of the salary, or a fixed amount.

In most cases, both employer and employee contribute to the plan. Contributions are tax deductible, and grow free of taxes. Furthermore, for as long as tax limitations are respected, employees may also voluntarily contribute additional amounts.

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