Products and services

National Bank Financial offers a wide array of products and services to help you achieve your financial goals.

National Bank Investments Solutions

National Bank Investments (NBI) offers a complete range of investment solutions managed by expert portfolio managers from world-renowned firms. Investing in NBI Funds, Meritage Portfolios® or NBI Portfolios means benefitting from several advantages, such as diversification, variety in the solutions offered, liquidity and professional management.

NBI Funds

As a client of National Bank Financial – Wealth Management, you have direct access to the entire lineup of NBI Funds. Did you know that we are the only major Canadian bank whose funds are managed exclusively by third-party portfolio managers? This unique multi-manager structure allows us to choose among the world’s best portfolio managers and is part of our commitment to offering you the best possible investment expertise. The NBI Funds cover all asset classes and management styles. They can be handpicked based on your personal interest, or you may select them as part of a turnkey solution across several managed solutions.

For more information on the NBI Funds consult the NBI Funds page or contact your advisor.

Meritage Portfolios®

Meritage Portfolios® are managed solutions that are objective and comprised of investment funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The economic backdrop and recent market turbulence have reminded us of the importance to invest in a well-diversified portfolio. In addition to offering great diversification, Meritage Portfolios® allow you to stay true to your investor profile, no matter what happens in the marketplace, so that you can stick to your plan to achieve your objectives.

To obtain more information on Meritage Portfolios®, click here or contact your advisor.

NBI Private Porfolios

NBI Private Portfolios draw their inspiration from National Bank Investments’ 100% open architecture structure. The goal is simple – to offer diverse management styles and asset classes to help strike a better long term balance between risk and return in your portfolio.

To obtain more information on NBI Private Portfolios, contact your advisor