Wealth management

There’s more to building wealth than money. You also need to consider the judicious planning of your projects through time.

Estate planning

Having a succession plan and an updated will can save your beneficiaries a lot of trouble. We can help you plan efficiently.

To ensure that your wishes are respected, you must have a succession plan and an updated will. This will help avoid many difficult issues for your beneficiaries. 

To do so, you must:

  • Define the objectives of your succession plan;
  • Determine your wishes (beneficiaries, asset distribution, tutors, etc.);
  • Establish the financial needs of your beneficiaries, such as your children’s education, your mortgage payment plan, etc.;
  • Evaluate your needs in case of incapacity; and
  • Minimize the tax burden and maximize the cash flow available for your loved one.

Your advisor can refer you to professionals you can trust to plan your estate properly. Contact him/her today to set the wheels in motion and acquire more peace of mind.