Wealth management

There’s more to building wealth than money. You also need to consider the judicious planning of your projects through time.

Portfolio management

To build and grow your wealth or to carry out your life’s projects, you must first put in place the right savings and investment strategy.

Portfolio management consists in investing your assets in a way that seeks to grow your financial wealth over time, or to reach specific financial objectives to carry out future projects. Since it can be done over different time horizons and must take into account your cash flow needs and the financial impact of your decisions, it requires expertise, experience and objectivity. 

You already know that your investments must be diversified – by sector, asset classes, country and management styles – and rebalanced over time to reduce the risk associated with market fluctuations. Yet, they must also keep in line with any change that may take place in your life. Therefore, the management approach you choose must seek capital accumulation while minimizing the volatility of your portfolio. 

In the investment world, it’s important to focus on what you can control, instead of elements beyond your control, such as market performance, which is unpredictable over the short term. One of the factors over which you have the most control is the level of risk that you take to achieve your objectives. That’s where it is crucial to have the support of an investment advisor. 

By choosing National Bank Financial – Wealth Management to assist you in your investment journey, you not only benefit from strategic diversification advice, but you also gain access to solutions that are tailored to your objectives and investor profile. 

Together, we will determine your objectives and investor profile. Namely, we’ll answer questions such as “what do you want to do with your money?” and “when do you want to do it?” Then, depending on your answers, we will draft your investment policy – that is, the rules by which we will manage your portfolio. We’ll select asset classes and individual components to include in your portfolio, in a proportion that fits your goals. Finally, we will implement all of this hard work by purchasing the securities and products that we will have chosen together. 

By having one of our advisor work for you, you can be assured that your assets are being monitored regularly. We will see to the rebalancing of your portfolio and contact you to review your investments and see if there are any changes in your life that deserve to be factored into the management process.

Contact one of our advisors to discuss the investment solutions and products that are best suited to your situation. Having a portfolio built for your unique profile is the best way to grow your financial wealth and plan for your projects through time.