Your needs

Each stage of your life requires you to apply a distinct planning strategy. We can help you choose the one that best suits your situation. 

Planning your estate

Your succession plan should seek to do more than cover your funeral expenses. It should protect the financial security of your loved ones.

Planning your estate entails a lot more than making sure your heir can cover your funeral expenses. For instance, have you thought about the way you would like to see your assets divided? Who will handle this distribution of your wealth? What percentage will you assign to your spouse’s financial security versus your children’s education?

There are several important aspects to consider in order to protect the financial health of your loved ones. National Bank Financial – Wealth Management investment advisors can help you make sense of your assets and liabilities, and assist you in establishing a succession plan that is optimal for your situation and in line with your wishes.  

See how we can help develop and implement an efficient succession plan that is suited to your financial reality and lifestyle.